The first official battle – WGcast against NokNok

WGcast and NokNok are both Germany-based startups dealing with the issue of finding the right candidate for your shared flat more efficiently, namely online.

I went to test WGcast. The registration was very easy – I logged in with my Facebook account. As I currently live in Kempten I checked which rooms are available and surprise, surprise – none! Ok Kempten is not exactly a big city and in Berlin there are over 100 rooms. How it works? You create your profil and apply online, on the other end the people renting the room can decide whether they would like to invite you. Minus: The site is only available in German so far. All in all nice and simple.

Next is NokNok – I must say I am a bit biased as I met the founder. Nevertheless it is you who can decide which plattform is better with your comments below. So, I tried Kempten again – 7 rooms! Great! Berlin – almost 60. What I really liked was the possibility to see who actually lives in the flat as the future flatmates have their own profiles on the platform. It’s a shame this feature is not used much by the flat advertisers.
All in all I think NokNok is a bit more fun to use. I love the profiles of the future flatmates because honestly, don’t you google or facebook the name in the ad anyway?
Looking forward to reading your comments!


The Idea

Every few days I will pick two startups and describe them in a few words. These might be competitors, but also might be companies with totally different business models. They might be on the market for a while or they might not even have been founded yet. My picks will then be up for vote – and you decide which idea or execution you like better.